Dance Dance Revolution Journal: November 2005 to January 2006

So first off, I guess I should write about my Dance Dance Revolution playing from when I actually started up to now (January 2006).

When I had just started my Dance Dance Revolution diet, I found that I could only play on Heavy difficulty songs for maybe a set of 3 before I got tired. I mostly played on Standard difficulty songs because I could play for much longer that way. At that point, I think I weight around 189 pounds or so. Oh, and just as a note, I’ve been playing Dance Dance Revolution for about 3 years now, but I only started to play regularly since November 2005.

After playing everyday for about 2 weeks, I found that my calves would get really sore no matter what I did. I would get cramps about 2 songs into a workout session. Maybe I wasn’t getting enough water or something. Eventually, I worked through it and the cramps went away.

Sometime in December, I bought some new pads from red octane to replace the generic pads I had before. This really helped me to start getting AAs on Heavy songs. Around this time I also found that I could play songs on Heavy mode continously and not get tired.

At this point, I can play for about an hour on Heavy mode before my legs (and mind) get too tired to play anyore. Usually I shoot for at least 30 minutes of play on Heavy mode, and if I’m not really tired, I’ll just keep going for a little while more. The biggest challenge right now is getting through enough songs; since I’ve already played them so many times before, they’re getting kind of old. I should probably buy Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2…

Anyway, that’s a quick summary of where I’m at right now. The hardest song I can complete right now is “Can’t Stop Fallin’ in Love (Speed Mix)” although I’m not quite at this level yet.

Stay tuned for my Dance Dance Revolution progress!

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