Diet Tip: Calories – Burn more and eat less!

Okay, so sure enough, it’s been pointed out that the title “DDR Diet” is kind of a misnomer. The Dance Dance Revolution part is really exercise, and you can choose to diet as well in order to lose weight. There are lots of ways to lose weight, but a combination of both regular exercise and dieting is the best way to go.

Here’s a bit of weight loss 101:

Calories are a unit of energy. It takes one calorie to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celcius. Usually the nutrition labels on food will list the number of calories in kilocalories, which just means that 1 food Calorie = 1000 “real” calories.

The human body takes a number of calories each day to keep it functioning. In a day, you will burn anywhere from 2000 to 4000 Calories in one day. In order to lose weight, you need to end up using more Calories than you add to your body. When that happens, your body will go to its fat reserves for the extra needed calories.

DDR workout mode.JPGYou can lose weight by either consuming less Calories, burning more Calories, or both. Most home versions of Dance Dance Revolution have a workout mode that lets you keep track of how many Calories you’re burning. Combined with the nutritional information found on most food, you can find out if you’re burning more calories than you’re gaining. If so, then you’re on the right track to start losing weight with DDR!

When you both diet and exercise, you can lose weight faster! If you’ve been trying to use DDR to lose weight, but you haven’t tried actually dieting yet, try eating less calories. Your body will use more of its fat for calories, and you’ll start losing weight faster.

(Note: I’m no dietician, so before you decide to go through with any diet plan, be sure to consult with a real doctor or nutritionist to make sure the plan is right for you.)

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  • Hi I just got done playing In The Groove 2. I played for an hour in hopes to burn at least 200 calories. I search the web for DDR since it was the most popular to see what one hour on beginner to easy would be equivalent to. I’m guessing it’s somewhere in between 200 to 400 calories. Luckily I actually tried to eat less to day and racked up a whopping 1649 calories. When I should be eating 1600 or less, and burning enough to bring me down to 1,400. Well, I got near it if you subtract the 200 or 400. So, I’m happy. I was happy to find your blog in my search as well.

  • This is a great plan. I’m 16 years old and used to be 273 pounds last month but currently am 257. All my life i’ve been really overweight, but now Im really trying. Since I got DDR, I started eating a lot less. I know its bad and you should eat at least 1200 calories, but I eat about 500 a day now and my weight is like melting off. Its also good to eat less calories, but actually watch what you eat too. I’ve been eating a lot more salads and eating the correct portion size rather then stuffing my face with little debbies after school. I also drink water rather then soda – which is kind of hard to do if your a hardcore soda drinker like I was, but occasionally i have myself a small glass about 1 cup of soda one day a week to help the craving. Also, instead of completely letting go of sweets, i got my mom to buy some healthier things. Swiss has a 25 calorie Diet Hot Cocoa and it tastes awesome, just like the regular. I did have a bowl of chocolate ice cream, but for only started dieting about 2 weeks ago, its a really good start. 🙂 Also, I play DDR for at least an hour and a half regularily. I don’t go to the mall because when I do it on Standard/Difficult .. I feel like my fat is just jiggling all over the dance pad so I keep it in my basement ^_^ But yes. DDR Limiting food intake is a pretty good idea for me so far !! its actually working and By the time I graduate I might actually feel good about myself =D DDR is the best !!!!!

  • I’ve been dieting and useing DDR to lose wieht, but today I tried to play the game and my calfs hurt really bad. Is there a way i can take the pain away from my calfs and move it to my thighs?

  • The pain in my legs went away after two days. Eat bananas, they give you potassium whic take away cramps =]

  • lol u wanna move the pain to your thighs? Thats a novel idea, how about using your butt instead of legs while dancing itll look pathetic but that’ll solve your dilemma. DDR gets old, but it works, people dont understand how much their actually working out when their dancing. For example your avg. standard song is like running a full soccer field sprint now multiply that by like, 10-20 songs, pretty awsome workout if i do say. Im 18 and currently about 190ish since ive been (5 years) i havent gained any weight and ive probably grown an easy 5-6 inches since i started, so i guess “technically” ddr didnt help me lose weight but o baby it maintained it alright and its given me alot more confidence so props for kali go kill em!

  • Kali you have just inspired me! I’m 16 too and i’m more than 200 lbs (i don’t know exactly, i stay away from the scale), but u’ve shown me that if i work hard and watch what i eat (the hard part for me, but i know i can do it) i can lose some of this weight before i graduate. I ordered ddr last week, so it should be coming soon. Thank you Kali, because before this i had read other blogs about the ddr diet and had thought about doing, but it didn’t seem like it’d work for me, but you’ve shown that i can. Thanx a million! 🙂

  • I agree wholeheartedly with your concept of regular exercise and moderate intake of calories will result in weight loss. I am going to try your method ( DDR ), I believe it makes a lot of sense.

  • I used to play DDR alot when i was kin hightschool and lost over 30 pounds in the first month! then my dance pad borck. I just resently found a new dance pad and got some games and started playing again but then our PS2 broke…. i think the world wants me fat! 🙁

  • I’ve been playing DDR for about 3 months now and I’ve gone from weighing 130 to 110. I haven’t changed my diet too much, I just drink alot of zero calorie energy drinks and eat alot of salad. It really tones you up especially if you add crunches into the DDR plan

  • lol okay i do have ddr for ps2 and i dont play it anymore but i think ima start cuz im about 180 or somthing probally higher last time i checked and i feel like im fat and i dont feel comfertable around people …and if you work out ur boobs will go smaller too? idk if thats true but i have a triple d and i hate it D: i wanna be a dd or a plain d so im thinking of doing ddr to get rid of that to but when i played ddr my legs are strong and muscley i dont like it cuz i think it loooks fatty D: anyways i do get cramps and knots in my muscle when im sleepin and its soo painful and i think ima eat bannanas now so thnks and thank you kali u totally motivated me ima look at this website evryday to stay motivated so maybe when im in 10th grade ill be thinner and happier ^^ i did just turn 15 but im so confuesd how to do the diet thing >_< like i cant buy diet foods but i can try limiting myself not drink pop or eat when im bored and stuffs and do situps to maybe XD but i like ddr but i think they need more better songs D: but i will play for a hr or more i hope it works ill try doing it evryday wish me luck and sorry for spellin cuz i type fast and mighta put somthing were its not supposed to go

  • I am so inspired to start playing my DDR game, I want to lose weight. I know I am overweight and I want to get healthy and look good. Thank you Kali for inspiring me because I am 15 and I’ve always thought I’d always be this way. I’m gonna start working out this morning

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