Dance Dance Revolution Tip: Workout Mode Review

Dance Dance Revolution Workout ModeSo yesterday I said I’d take a day off. Instead, I just kinda took it easy today and checked out DDR Extreme’s workout mode. I didn’t use workout mode in DDR before because it meant that my high scores wouldn’t be loaded. This was in DDR Max and Max2 I think. Anyway, that’s all different now in Extreme. You can simply set your weight and the game will calculate how many calories you burn in the normal game mode!

After you finish playing, you can go into the workout mode screen and check out the number of calories burned, the number of songs you played, average calories burned per song, and the equivalent amount of work it would take to burn those calories by jogging, jumping rope, or swimming. I dunno how accurate the workout mode really is though. I’ve jogged a mile before, and it doesn’t really seem like the amount of DDR I played today would equal 2 of those… Then again, I’m probably more in shape than I was before, so maybe it’s true.

Either way, the Workout mode for DDR Extreme is a pretty cool tool for keeping track of how much exercise you get from session to session.

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  • Believe it or not, I actually lost nearly 70 pounds with ddr in about 7 months. It’s so amazing! I only weight 320lbs now!

  • DDR is a good way to lose weight ive been playing DDR Supernova and i can feel myself getting into shape. but with mine it doesnt say swimming or jogging etc. it justs says how many miles and how many kcal youve burned. i dont kno what kcal meant but i think its alot.

  • Kcal just stands for kilocalorie, it’s the exact same thing as a Calorie. It’s a more technical term, but its really just a Calorie (just like how it appears on the back of your food).

  • A KCal is a Calorie. It is actually a “kilocalorie”, which is 1000 calories, but when, for example, a food label says that it has 100 Calories per serving, it actually means 100 KCal. It’s confusing, and I’m not sure why they do it, except that it might unnerve consumers to see that something contains 100,000 calories.

  • Iv. done DRR for like only 3 days and almost alll the songs oin standard, and iv already jogged 8miles. im pretty sure thats good. im juss wonderig when the pouynds r gnnna start to come off…hmmm…annyone???

  • DDR Extreme is my favorite form of cardio.
    Previously I had been playing for around thirty to forty consecutive minutes a few times a day (however long it takes to do 21 songs), but now I’m doing two sessions of about 15-20 minutes (12 songs) each. Today I burned 846 kcal. 😀
    Oh, I play mostly Heavy, btw.

    Of course it wasn’t always that way. I’ve had DDR since Jan ’07 and I didn’t get to Standard until about March of this year and I worked my way up to Heavy from there.

    I’ve lost about 88lbs this year, but I also overhauled my diet and implemented other forms of exercise (situps, crunches, pushups, weight training at the gym)…

    Even so, I would say that DDR substantially added to my weight loss.

  • I calculated that playing Max 300 40 times in a row without breaks in-between (1 hour) for someone my size (I weigh 240 pounds) will theoretically burn about 1,800 calories. So playing 5 to 7 hours of hardcore DDR per day will require a Michael Phelps diet.

    This is serious exercise folks.

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