W.Va. Schools Get Dance Dance Revolution to Fight Obesity

It looks like some schools in West Virginia are getting Dance Dance Revolution in order to fight the increasing obesity problem in America. When I was in public school, we didn’t have DDR during lunch; we had “regular beatings” to keep us in shape. Actually, I guess we really did just sit around and do nothing.

Anything that gets kids to move around more is great in my book. Getting kids interested in DDR will inevitably encourage them to pick up other healthy habits. If only I had DDR in middle school…

From the news article:

West Virginia, which has one of the nation’s worst obesity problems, is expanding a project that uses a video game to boost students’ physical activity.

All of the state’s 157 middle schools are expecting to get the video game “Dance Dance Revolution,” and officials hope to put it in all 753 public schools within three years. A pilot project began in 20 schools last spring.

I hope they got metal pads for the kids, or else I expect they’ll be busted after about a week.

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