Dance Dance Revolution Workout Log – 01-26-06

Calories Burned: 288
Weigh in: 181lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 6 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Extreme

Notes: Today I tried something different. Instead of timing how long I played, I counted how many calories I burned during my workout. I’ve read that the Dance Dance Revolution workout mode calorie counter is really inaccurate. Pretty much everyone says it is, and I believe them! The workout mode says I burned almost 300 calories playing 12 songs!

In other news, my ankles are feeling kind of weak, especially my right, so I might back off a bit in terms of jumping action. Also, my all time new low weight is 181! How low can I go? I dunno, hopefully 175… Also, I got a AA on Pink Rose, which is a cool song.


2 Responses to “Dance Dance Revolution Workout Log – 01-26-06”

  • No, that game is very accurate. It’s actually underestimated.
    Believe me, I lost 60-65 pounds with the help of this game.

  • Mine always underestimates the number of calories burned. (I have the one for the Wii- DDR Hottest Party 1). Although I’m 112 pounds, it claims that I only burn 3-8 calories per song, although I go for every note and even add some extra steps. It’s so lame…

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