Diet Tip: Toss out the Soda!

Some people call it “soda,” and some call it “pop,” but whatever you call it, it’ll kill your diet! Soda contains tons of calories, sugars, and caffeine, and has pretty much zero nutritional value. The calories and sugars will add to your weight, and the caffeine isn’t good for you either.

Rather than drinking soda, which dehydrates you, think about drinking water when DDRing. It’ll probably improve your performance as well as your diet progress.

I’ve slowly been phasing out soda and drinking water and occasionally sports drinks instead. I wouldn’t drink Gatorade all the time though, because sports drinks have quite a few calories and sugars themselves. I’d have to say that, overall, not drinking so much soda has helped me feel better and has contributed to my weight loss.

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  • I don’t drink much soda, either. And after you don’t drink soda for a while, your mouth becomes real sensitive to the carbonation and ubermegasuper sugars, helping you to keep staying away from it. So I haven’t had it in a long time. 🙂

    Another thing to keep in mind is juice. I made the switch from soda to juice until I realized that juice has the same amount of sugars or even more (like 40g)! And most juice isn’t really natural, either. I prefer Naked Juice (Green Machine and Berry Blast are best) but overall I have replaced juice with WATER.

    I think water pwns everything because it has 0 calories, sugar, and harmful chemicals and it does the best when it comes to hydrating your body. Anyway, keep up the good work! ^-^ (End rant).

  • Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of water pwning anything! But it’s true! After a workout, water tastes so good, even though it has no taste! Thanks for the support, Saria. Do you DDR, or is your DDring merely vicarious in nature?

  • Hehe, I DDR occasionally but I am not as avid as you are. Most of the time I do workout mode and try to get at least 150kcal done, if not 350kcal. I am not that good, though, but it is fun for me. Very embarrassing in public. =^ ^=

    My favorite song will be forever “Breakdown.” At least, on the DDR Max 2 I have.

  • Nice! I was so happy when I was finally able to pass Breakdown on Heavy. It’s a lot funner on standard mode though. Kind Lady is a good one too. That’s my favorite on Max 2. Both the normal version and the Interlude are pretty cool.

  • I’m a Coke-addict. (Or former coke addict, come to think of it.) It used to be the norm to drink a glass (or two) everyday. Now I’m down to the occasional half-glass. Thankfully, I’m blessed with a fast metabolism.

    The best thing to do, however, is to drink water for a few hours before the workout, that way you can hydrate your muscles, and you can last longer during the workout. Drinking too much water during the workout could give you stitches.

  • I’ve been playing DDR since august. I’m currently 286. I use to be 330! My Gosh! DDR has been a major factor in helping me loose weight, but I’ve also been cutting out the sodas and drinking water, Crystal Light. I haven’t eliminated sweets, but my doctor told me the occasional was ok. He said Colas are the WORST for making that Mr. Blubber stay around you. I’ve been working out more. I hated walking on the tredmill for an hour, so I swim during the summer and bike during the fall. I play DDR year round and go to the arcade every week just to show off. Yeah, it’s strange to see a fat chick on the DDR machine, but hey, thanks to Konami, I’m able to actually know what I’m doing! Thanks for your motivation! Keep strong! -Sorvea

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