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Dance Dance Revolution Exercise Log 01-24-05

Duration: About 1 hour
Weigh in: 183.2 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 8.2 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Max2, DDR Festival, DDR Extreme
Notable Scores:



So I went on a DDR Binge today. I kept getting tired of the songs, but physically I didn’t get tired at all. I played through 3 different versions of Dance Dance Revolution. B4U on DDR Extreme (the challenge mode one) is actually a really fun song to play. Now that I’m done playing, I feel really tired. I guess it was a good idea to take one day easy, because maybe my muscles needed time to heal? Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good this week, so I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Exercise Log: January 23, 2006

Duration: About 40 minutes
Weigh in: 182 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 7 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Max
Notable Scores:


I guess it was a good idea to take it easy yesterday. Today I was pretty fresh and I didn’t even get tired after 40 minutes. I did decide to quit, though, because I sort of had a long day and I ended up playing pretty late tonight. I AAed on a few songs that I hadn’t done in a while. Overall, I’m feeling better now than I was in days past. Dance Dance Revolution Max isn’t so bad. There’s a lot of songs on it that are unique to that version, so that’s why I keep playing it.

Dance Dance Revolution: Finger Pads?

DDR Finger PadsNow, I don’t recommend this as part of your DDR Diet, but offers some unique Dance Dance Revolution pads – for your fingers. I guess these would be pretty good for a post workout cool-down. If you got a PC adapter, I bet you could also use it for some professional flash flash revolution playing. You won’t be burning too many calories with this, and I’d watch out for carpal tunnel syndrome. Still, it looks like a pretty fun novelty item to me. Just watch out for the British exchange rate; ouch!

Dance Dance Revolution Tip: Workout Mode Review

Dance Dance Revolution Workout ModeSo yesterday I said I’d take a day off. Instead, I just kinda took it easy today and checked out DDR Extreme’s workout mode. I didn’t use workout mode in DDR before because it meant that my high scores wouldn’t be loaded. This was in DDR Max and Max2 I think. Anyway, that’s all different now in Extreme. You can simply set your weight and the game will calculate how many calories you burn in the normal game mode! Continue reading ‘Dance Dance Revolution Tip: Workout Mode Review’

Dance Dance Revolution Exercise Log: January 21, 2006

Duration: About 30 minutes
Weigh in: 182.8 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 7.8 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Extreme (Japanese Version)
Notable Scores:



Today I felt some more soreness in the calf area. I think I’ll take a day off to let them rest. I had a hard time moving my feet quickly due to the soreness, so my scores are not quite as good as before. Oh well.