Top Song List: DDR Max!

So the question of how I select songs came up in a comment. Basically, I just go from left to right picking songs that I think are not too easy, and not too hard. At this point, most of the songs I pick are from 7-8 and sometimes 9 food songs. I’ll also pick songs if I like the music, even if the song is too easy. Here’s a list of songs I usually play on DDR Max for the PS2:

01-15-06_1259.jpg Kind Lady on Heavy (This was one of my favorites when I got DDR Max for the first time. It’s not very hard, but i like the song!)
02-04-06_1414.jpg Let’s talk it over on Heavy (This one is also easy. It’s good for playing right after a really hard song)
02-04-06_1425.jpg Midnite Blaze on Heavy (This is one of my DDR Max staple songs. It’s got a lot of steps, and it’s really fun to play!)
01-15-06_1307.jpg never let you down on Heavy (This one is another easier song to play while recovering from a harder song.)
Rhythm and Police RHYTHM AND POLICE (One of my goals is to not suck so much on this song. I’ve got a lot of the parts down, it’s just one part that kills me…)
Spin the discSpin the Disc on Heavy (along with Midnight Blaze, this song ensures that my workout involves a lot of moving)
Synchronized Love SYNCHRONIZED LOVE on Heavy (This one really screws me up with the 16th steps, but that’s why I practice on it)
The CubeThe Cube on Heavy (This one is really fun to play. I think it looks harder than it really is, although the last sequence on it always screws me up. I still need to practice this one more.)
02-04-06_1430.jpgCANDY★ on Heavy (This one is fast and frantic, so I usually put this around the beginning of my workout)

Songs without thumbnails:

  • Look To The Sky on Heavy (Look To The Sky has a bunch of steps, so it’s good for working the endurance. I prefer many 8th steps to those crazy fast 16th step songs)
  • Groove 2001 on Heavy (This song isn’t too hard once you get used to the 16th steps)

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