Cobalt Flux Donation Fund Up and Running!

Hey there,

So I decided to put up an Honor System Page to help me pay for a new Metal DDR Pad. I think It’s probably about time for me to get one since I’m really destroying the soft pads. The pad I want to get is the Cobalt Flux. It’s commonly known as the best metal pad around, so it’ll probably last me forever.

Cobalt Flux.gif

The only problem is that the Cobalt Flux costs about $300! Ouch! So I’m seeing if anyone will help me pay for one. It doesn’t have to be much. If many people chip in, it probably won’t take that long for me to get enough to pay for the pad. Even if I don’t get enough for the pad, I’ll definitely use the donations to buy something DDR related, like DDR Extreme 2.

I don’t know if anyone will help donate, but if you would, I’d really appreciate it. Hopefully this page has inspired others to take up regular exercise to become more fit. Even if it hasn’t I know I’ve gained a lot (not weight) just from writing this exercise journal. It’s kept me focused on my goal, and as a result, I’ve lost a bit of weight. I can also say that I feel a lot healthier than before I started.

Thanks for all your support, and good luck with your own ddr diet!

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