Email Email Revolution?


ZDnet reports that Microsoft has released a prototype email program that lets users read through and delete email with their feet using a Dance Dance Revolution-esque pad:

The genesis of the footwork project is that computer input is a continual strain on the hands, while other tasks, such as playing the piano or riding a bicycle, use both hands and feet. It’s part of a broader look at the role feet can play in computing, an effort dubbed “Step User Interface” (StepUI).

It seems like rather than making email into a game, the pad just adds another peripheral to control applications. Though I’m sure it could probably lead to even less productivity in the office (playing DDR secretly under your desk sounds like a lot of fun!).

Then again, if you have a really bad spam filter, I bet you could stand to lose a lot of weight playing DDR with your computer.

Check out the official StepUI page here.

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