DDR Exercise Journal 03-03-06

Duration: About 30 minutes
Weigh in: 178.6 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 3.6 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Strike (Japanese Version)
Notable Scores:


So today I got DDR Strike! Luckily, I know some Japanese, so it wasn’t too hard for me to go through the menu system. I think I’ll write up a review about DDR Strike soon, so look forward to that.

Basically, I wasn’t really working out today, just checking out DDR Strike. There’s a new DDR Master mode, where you go through challenges to unlock songs. You also earn money to buy the songs with. All of the songs at the beginning of the Master Mode were at “beginner” level, so I hardly broke a sweat. I unlocked two songs.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Like I said, I’ll write up a whole review pretty soon.

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