DDR Exercise Journal 03-12-06

Duration: About 60 minutes
Weigh in: 177.2 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 2.2 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Strike
Notable Scores:


Today I played for about an hour trying to unlock more songs in the dance master mode. I actually got through a lot. I unlocked Doll, so I’m pretty happy about that. It’s one of the more “famous” songs in the game, I guess. On heavy I can get an A on it, and in challenge mode (the first try), I got a B.

The dance master mode is challenging enough now for me to enjoy it. Before it was way too easy, but now I’m actually going through more than once trying to pass the songs. There was one mode where the arrows weren’t set in a straight line. That was weird.

I’ll keep playing DDR Strike to try and unlock more songs. The current songlist I have now is pretty good, though.

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