DDR Exercise Journal 03-21-06

Duration: About 60 minutes
Weigh in: 178.6 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 3.6 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Extreme (Japanese Version)
Notable Scores:



So I finally got back from Tucson, AZ, and I got to do some DDR. Actually, while away, I did do quite a bit of other exercise stuff. I ran a mile on two different days, and I also went swimming a little bit. I hit the sauna a few times (which is supposed to help you lose weight, right?) and I even played In The Groove at an arcade. I still ended up being a bit heavier than when I left though.

Today’s workout was pretty good. I got quite a few good scores. I also didn’t really get that tired at all. I’ll attribute that to my running. I should probably try to run more often, rather than just playing DDR. Running is much less fun, though.

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