DDR Exercise Journal 03-23-06

Duration: About 60 minutes
Weigh in: 178.6 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 3.6 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Max and DDR Strike

Notable Scores:



Today I played DDR Max for about half an hour, and then DDR Strike for the same amount of time. My legs didn’t really get that tired, but my feet started hurting from all the impact, I think. Towards the end I think I was getting somewhat sluggish. I might take tomorrow off. I’ve noticed that when I take time off, it makes my next workouts more productive. Rather than playing everyday, I think I’ll do more of a alternating day thing.

2 thoughts on “DDR Exercise Journal 03-23-06”

  1. I’ve been getting discouraged with the DDR method lately.
    I play between and hour and two hours three to four times a week.
    I’m 34, so I’m not as fast as some. I can’t comlpete ANY 9 foot songs, and have only ever AA’d one 8 stepper.
    I consistently get exhausted, drink a liter to two liters of water, and sweat through a towel.
    The legs are chiseled, but I’m still tubby!

    What do you advise?

  2. Hmmm. I’m 22, so I don’t know if I can empathise or give any good advice to you. If you’re playing 8 footers, you seem to be in fairly good shape. Maybe try to mix it up a little bit; try weight training or other kinds of exercise too. Good luck with your workout. If you want to ask other people, you could always make a post in the forums too.

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