DDR Exercise Journal 03-24-06

Duration: About 60 minutes
Weigh in: 178.4 lb
Goal weight: 175 lb
To go: 3.4 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Max 2

Notable Scores:



I played DDR Max 2 today, since I hadn’t in a while. I did pretty good, I guess. Recently I’ve been experimenting with doing cross overs and stuff, which make it funner and easier to play sometimes. Spin the Disc is a completely different song using cross overs.

On the workout side of things, I did 60 minutes again today, so I’m pretty tired. I might do less (or zero) tomorrow just so I can rest.

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  • After an intensive workout (“intensive” being different for each person :p) its best to wait 12-24 hours before going at it again. That way you give the muscles a chance to rest 🙂 Overtraining the muscles can causes all sorts of problems

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