Konami To Highlight DDR’s Health Benefits To Nation’s Physical Educators

According to Joystiq, Konami is holding an event to pitch DDR’s health benefits to PE teachers. I dunno if DDR is necessarily good for school PE, but I guess as they get kids to move around, I’m all for it. The press release says:

Konami will be educating our nation’s physical education teachers on DDR and its associated health benefits. Case study examples will be provided to show how teachers have incorporated DDR into their PE curriculum and success stories will be shared about people who have found benefits from using DDR.

Of course, Konami has a lot more to gain than just the warm fuzzy feeling of helping kids lose weight. West Virginia DID pay $550,000 to equip all of their schools with DDR.

I’d imagine that most schools wouldn’t have enough DDR pads to go around. That would have been pretty cool to have a DDR club in high school, though…

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