Dance Factory for PS2 – Preview

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I read about an interesting PS2 game in this month’s issue of Gameinformer. It’s called “Dance Factory,” and it’s basically like DDR/In the Groove, but it has an extra cool feature. If you insert a music cd, it’ll automatically create a dance track for it! Early reviews (at least the one in the magazine that I read) said that the game does a good job of generating steps.

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One thing I noticed that was kinda wacky was the arrow order. In Dance Dance Revolution and In the Groove, the arrows (from left to right) are: left, down, up, right. In this game they’re: left, up, down, right. So I wonder if it would take some getting used to. The newer screens show the arrows being the same as DDR, so I guess they fixed this.

Although I’m kinda skeptical about whether this game will really generate dancable steps, I’ll probably check it out anyway. Playing DDR everyday, I kinda get tired of the songs sometimes… Dance Factory for PS2 is scheduled for an August 1st, 2006 release, but you can pre-order it now at

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  • i do not recomend this game!! altho it isnt bad it is no comparison to ddr!! in making dances to ur music it frequentaly messes up leaving u with blank spots in dances or steps that are of beat… the worst feature of this game is that if u want to try ddr in arcades or would like to switch to ddr it is very difficult if u have been playing for a while as the up and down arrows are switched on the screen…

    in conclution… spend the extra few dollars and spring for ddr

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