Cobalt Flux DDR Pad Review

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So yep, I finally got the Cobalt Flux Pad that I won on Ebay a week or so ago. The reason I went with Ebay is because Cobalt Flux is generally known for the sturdiness of their pads, and I wasn’t really worried about getting a dud.

The actual pad and the cords came seperately. The cords came yesterday, so I had to wait a whole day to actually play! It was pretty tough. Anyway, I got the actual pad today and played some DDR Strike on it.

Before, I was playing on a normal soft mat, so I wore socks to play. Since I upgraded to a hard pad, I had to wear my shoes. I didn’t think the extra weight would do much, but I was totally wrong.

The added shoe weight plus the actual stickiness of my shoes to the pad means I have to work a lot harder to move. I got really tired after about 20 minutes of playing songs on Heavy mode.

I also found that I had to tap harder on the pad than I used to with the soft mat. I’ll probably get more used to that as I play on it.
So here’s my quick Cobalt Flux Pros and Cons:


  • Good Quality and Solid Construction
  • Doesn’t slip no matter what
  • Looks totally cool!


  • Shoes make it harder to move (might be a pro, since it’ll be a better workout)
  • Steps need to be harder to register (same as above)

Overall, I’d recommend the Cobalt Flux if you’re serious about playing DDR. Now that I have one, I have a feeling I should have bought one a lot sooner! You can order one at or try to find a cheap one on Ebay.

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  • Quick note: I’ve had a Flux for about a year now, but I’ve never found I’ve had to step harder to register my arrows. I’ve actually found the Flux to be the most sensitive pad I’ve ever had. Whether I’m barefoot, in socks (which is incredibly dangerous!), or in shoes, I have to do little more than lightly tap and arrow.

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