DDR Exercise Journal 1-08-07

Duration: About 35 minutes
Weigh in: 171 lb
Goal weight: 165 lb
To go: 6 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Strike Noteworthy Scores:



I’m trying to play DDR more often now since I’m not really doing much else. Today I played about 35 minutes worth of Strike. I actually got a record on that one Polovian Dances or whatever song. Too bad it changed it to an A when it was a AA before. I wonder how that’s possible…

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  • I also hate when this happens. Since higher combos rake in higher points the longer you keep it going, it’s possible to go down a grade while improving your point score if you make a much larger combo but have more bads and misses than your previous score. Grade I think is dependent on the ratios of hits while score is calculated from a base accuracy score (good, bad, miss, etc) with a accumulative bonus relating to your current combo. Higher combo = more bonus points.

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