DDR Exercise Journal 1-14-07

Duration: About 30 minutes
Weigh in: 172.6 lb
Goal weight: 165 lb
To go: 7.6 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Extreme

Noteworthy Scores:



Today I felt really tired. I dunno why. I was doing okay until I tried Can’t Stop Fallin in Love where my legs totally stopped working. Well, almost. Then I was pretty slow after that. Maybe I need to warm up more or something. I guess I’ll try again soon to see if I can do better.

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  • Hey, wow, still at it after a year. I’ve been looking at DDR lately as a exercise solution, and I found your website through a Lifehacker post you made about a year ago

    I’ve been using Yourself Fitness on the xbox for quite a while now, but I find that it doesn’t keep me motivated, and I get bored of it if I do sessions longer than 30 minutes.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work, and I will deffinetly do a chart like the one you have for your ‘diet progress’. Seems like it might keep you motivated when you see the chart dip down 🙂

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