DDR Exercise Journal 1-24-07

Duration: About 25 minutes
Weigh in: 171.2 lb
Goal weight: 165 lb
To go: 6.2 lb
Dance Dance Revolution Version Played: DDR Extreme (Japanese Version)

Noteworthy Scores: None!

I couldn’t seem to get any really good scores. I mostly got a bunch of As. Still, I felt pretty good today; better than the past few days where I was starting to get really tired. I ended the session a little early because… well… nature called. I should probably avoid playing for too long and maybe play more often anyway…

2 thoughts on “DDR Exercise Journal 1-24-07”

  1. Hey! I wanna congratulate you for your progress so far!! And I also just started to use DDR as a means to lose weight, but the thing is…everyone says you need to use the Heavy mode…I’ve been playing Cartoon heroes standard and I cant seem to move fast enough to do the heavy one …Do you think I can still lose weight playing standard?

  2. Thanks Dobby. I think if you keep at it on standard, you’ll eventually get good enough to play on Heavy. As long as you’re being active I think it’s a good step towards a healthier you!

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