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News: Why I Haven’t Been Playing DDR

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been playing DDR quite as often as before. This is mostly because of school starting, and my membership in the University marching band. We practice for 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I get a pretty good workout during that time.

I might try to play more during the weekends, but yeah, for now I might go on a slight DDR hiatus. I’ll be sure and update my weight anyway though, to make sure it doesn’t go up…

Cobalt Flux DDR Pad Review

Cobalt Flux.jpg

So yep, I finally got the Cobalt Flux Pad that I won on Ebay a week or so ago. The reason I went with Ebay is because Cobalt Flux is generally known for the sturdiness of their pads, and I wasn’t really worried about getting a dud.

The actual pad and the cords came seperately. The cords came yesterday, so I had to wait a whole day to actually play! It was pretty tough. Anyway, I got the actual pad today and played some DDR Strike on it.

Before, I was playing on a normal soft mat, so I wore socks to play. Since I upgraded to a hard pad, I had to wear my shoes. I didn’t think the extra weight would do much, but I was totally wrong.

The added shoe weight plus the actual stickiness of my shoes to the pad means I have to work a lot harder to move. I got really tired after about 20 minutes of playing songs on Heavy mode.

I also found that I had to tap harder on the pad than I used to with the soft mat. I’ll probably get more used to that as I play on it.
So here’s my quick Cobalt Flux Pros and Cons:


  • Good Quality and Solid Construction
  • Doesn’t slip no matter what
  • Looks totally cool!


  • Shoes make it harder to move (might be a pro, since it’ll be a better workout)
  • Steps need to be harder to register (same as above)

Overall, I’d recommend the Cobalt Flux if you’re serious about playing DDR. Now that I have one, I have a feeling I should have bought one a lot sooner! You can order one at or try to find a cheap one on Ebay.

Dance Factory for PS2 – Preview

dance factory.jpg

I read about an interesting PS2 game in this month’s issue of Gameinformer. It’s called “Dance Factory,” and it’s basically like DDR/In the Groove, but it has an extra cool feature. If you insert a music cd, it’ll automatically create a dance track for it! Early reviews (at least the one in the magazine that I read) said that the game does a good job of generating steps.

dance factory 1.jpgdance factory 2.jpgdance factory 3.jpg

One thing I noticed that was kinda wacky was the arrow order. In Dance Dance Revolution and In the Groove, the arrows (from left to right) are: left, down, up, right. In this game they’re: left, up, down, right. So I wonder if it would take some getting used to. The newer screens show the arrows being the same as DDR, so I guess they fixed this.

Although I’m kinda skeptical about whether this game will really generate dancable steps, I’ll probably check it out anyway. Playing DDR everyday, I kinda get tired of the songs sometimes… Dance Factory for PS2 is scheduled for an August 1st, 2006 release, but you can pre-order it now at

DDR – The Saturday Morning TV Show!?

According to this press release, CBS plans to debut a Saturday Morning show for kids based on DDR:

In “Dance Revolution”, ‘tweens’ and teens bring their freshest moves to this sensational new dance competition where teams of dancers display their innovative routines. Hosted by the charismatic “Dance Revolution” house band, kid-friendly judges determine the winners as the dancers perform their routines to the cool sounds of the band. “Dance Revolution” will also offer onscreen visuals that constantly encourage viewer participation by demonstrating specific dance moves and steps.

I wonder if they’ll actually be playing DDR, or just dancing. Maybe it’ll be like American Idol, except dancing? I wanna be on that show!

Konami To Highlight DDR’s Health Benefits To Nation’s Physical Educators

According to Joystiq, Konami is holding an event to pitch DDR’s health benefits to PE teachers. I dunno if DDR is necessarily good for school PE, but I guess as they get kids to move around, I’m all for it. The press release says:

Konami will be educating our nation’s physical education teachers on DDR and its associated health benefits. Case study examples will be provided to show how teachers have incorporated DDR into their PE curriculum and success stories will be shared about people who have found benefits from using DDR.

Of course, Konami has a lot more to gain than just the warm fuzzy feeling of helping kids lose weight. West Virginia DID pay $550,000 to equip all of their schools with DDR.

I’d imagine that most schools wouldn’t have enough DDR pads to go around. That would have been pretty cool to have a DDR club in high school, though…