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DDR Supernova coming out this Spring!

The newest version of Dance Dance Revolution, DDR Supernova, is coming to arcades this spring! So far, it’s looking to be a big improvement over the relatively unchanged gameplay. There’s going to be over 300 songs, and more than 2000 step patterns. The graphics are also improved with better looking dancers with more realistic moves.
Also new is a battle mode where players actually play against each other, rather than just competing for the highest score. I’ll definitely be checking this game out once it hits the arcades. I wonder when the home version will come out… Check out for more info.

DDR SuperNova Image
DDR SuperNova Image
DDR SuperNova Image

W.Va. Schools Get Dance Dance Revolution to Fight Obesity

It looks like some schools in West Virginia are getting Dance Dance Revolution in order to fight the increasing obesity problem in America. When I was in public school, we didn’t have DDR during lunch; we had “regular beatings” to keep us in shape. Actually, I guess we really did just sit around and do nothing.

Anything that gets kids to move around more is great in my book. Getting kids interested in DDR will inevitably encourage them to pick up other healthy habits. If only I had DDR in middle school…

From the news article:

West Virginia, which has one of the nation’s worst obesity problems, is expanding a project that uses a video game to boost students’ physical activity.

All of the state’s 157 middle schools are expecting to get the video game “Dance Dance Revolution,” and officials hope to put it in all 753 public schools within three years. A pilot project began in 20 schools last spring.

I hope they got metal pads for the kids, or else I expect they’ll be busted after about a week.

Dance Dance Revolution: Finger Pads?

DDR Finger PadsNow, I don’t recommend this as part of your DDR Diet, but offers some unique Dance Dance Revolution pads – for your fingers. I guess these would be pretty good for a post workout cool-down. If you got a PC adapter, I bet you could also use it for some professional flash flash revolution playing. You won’t be burning too many calories with this, and I’d watch out for carpal tunnel syndrome. Still, it looks like a pretty fun novelty item to me. Just watch out for the British exchange rate; ouch!

Kraft Offers free DDR Pad!

Okay, so it’s not really “free” (shipping costs $9.99 – way to pull an eBay on us, Kraft), but still, not bad for a USB Dance pad. I’m not sure how big it is though. Does anyone know? From the relative size of the USB plug, it could be pretty small. This could just be the work of photoshop though. I’ve heard it’s full size, so I guess we’ll have to see. It’d be pretty cool just as a novelty item at least. Check it out here.

Kraft DDR Pad