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Diet Tip: Toss out the Soda!

Some people call it “soda,” and some call it “pop,” but whatever you call it, it’ll kill your diet! Soda contains tons of calories, sugars, and caffeine, and has pretty much zero nutritional value. The calories and sugars will add to your weight, and the caffeine isn’t good for you either.

Rather than drinking soda, which dehydrates you, think about drinking water when DDRing. It’ll probably improve your performance as well as your diet progress.

I’ve slowly been phasing out soda and drinking water and occasionally sports drinks instead. I wouldn’t drink Gatorade all the time though, because sports drinks have quite a few calories and sugars themselves. I’d have to say that, overall, not drinking so much soda has helped me feel better and has contributed to my weight loss.

Dance Dance Revolution Tip: Workout Mode Review

Dance Dance Revolution Workout ModeSo yesterday I said I’d take a day off. Instead, I just kinda took it easy today and checked out DDR Extreme’s workout mode. I didn’t use workout mode in DDR before because it meant that my high scores wouldn’t be loaded. This was in DDR Max and Max2 I think. Anyway, that’s all different now in Extreme. You can simply set your weight and the game will calculate how many calories you burn in the normal game mode! Continue reading ‘Dance Dance Revolution Tip: Workout Mode Review’

Diet Tip: Calories – Burn more and eat less!

Okay, so sure enough, it’s been pointed out that the title “DDR Diet” is kind of a misnomer. The Dance Dance Revolution part is really exercise, and you can choose to diet as well in order to lose weight. There are lots of ways to lose weight, but a combination of both regular exercise and dieting is the best way to go.

Here’s a bit of weight loss 101: Continue reading ‘Diet Tip: Calories – Burn more and eat less!’