New Forums Site

The last forum we had on DDR Diet was getting really spammy, so I upgraded to bbpress for the forums. Hopefully this will keep the spammers out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the old posts, so we’re starting the forums up again. Please join in and we can get some discussion on DDR going!

Quick Status Update

Just a quick update to those who may be concerned that I might’ve had a heart attack while playing DDR or something ;). I’m not dead, just kinda sick. I’ve had a virus for a while now that’s just making me kinda tired, so I figured I’d take it easy on the DDR until I feel better.

Strangely, my weight has been going down anyway…

DDR Diet Polls!

Hey all,

In hopes of making this site a little more interactive, I’m adding a poll on the sidebar. The current poll asks how long you play DDR a day. I try to go for an hour a day, but my minimum is always 30 minutes at least.

Let your voice be heard! Vote in the polls and leave a comment if you want.

Track your weight loss with Bellygraph!

I just found this new webpage where you can easily make graphs for free. It’s called Bellygraph, and incidentally enough, I’m using it to graph my Dance Dance Revolution weight loss! I’ve put one on my sidebar to track my weight. The sidebar graph is pretty small, but they come in larger too:

The service seems pretty new, but it works well enough, and I’m sure it’ll improve too. They even have forum code that lets you stick the image into a forum. This code will work in the DDR Diet forums too! Sign up at and start recording your Dance Dance Revolution diet results now!

Welcome to the Dance Dance Revolution Diet and Exercise Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of the DDR Diet and Exercise Blog!
I decided a few months ago to start trying to lose weight, and I figured I’d try and do it by playing Dance Dance Revolution. I’d heard of other success stories, and so I started playing regularly about 1 month ago. Since then, I’ve lost a bit of weight, but I decided to keep an online journal both for myself, and anyone else thinking of trying the “DDR Diet.” Keeping this journal should help me stay motivated, and could serve as a reference for others.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be blogging, but I am currently trying to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I’ll try to include a weigh-in so I can track how close I am to my weight goal. Anyway, feel free to browse around and use this site as a reference for your own Dance Dance Revolution Diet regimen.