DDR Equipment

Ready to get started on your own DDR Diet? Here’s a list of the equipment I use:

Game Consoles:

Currently I play Dance Dance Revolution on a Playstation 2. There’s also versions of DDR for the original Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and even Nintendo Gamecube. This is the most expensive part of the program, but it sure beats paying a quarter for every song! Get a console and it’ll pay for itself in the long run.

Dance Dance Revolution Games:

There are a bunch of versions of DDR that all have different songs on them. Some include the dancepads, and others will not. Here’s a list of the games available at amazon.com:

For Playstation 2:

For Xbox:

For Gamecube:

Dance Pads:

RedOctane In The Groove Official PadWhen it comes to buying dance pads, you get what you pay for. A cheap pad might work for you if you’re just beginning, but at some point the low quality will affect your game. Another bad thing about cheap dance pads is that they break easily. DDR, while being a videogame, requires physical activity so it’s expected that your dance pads will undergo wear and tear.

Im currently using a RedOctane In The Groove Official Pad. It doesn’t slip too much, and it registers steps really well. Maybe once I’m rich I’ll upgrade to the Red Octane Metal Pad, but for now, this one does nicely.

If you’re just starting out, you might want to buy a cheap pad on ebay. If you ever need to upgrade, you can just buy a better pad later on.

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